8 Super Inspiring REAL Law of Attraction Success Stories – Part 3

Welcome to the Law of Attraction Success Stories article. This is the third post of the REAL Manifestation Success Stories article that inspired people.

8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories
Law of Attraction Success Stories

If you’re new here, please also read the Law of Attraction Success Stories Part 1 and Law of Attraction Success Stories Part 2. These including some manifest success stories on manifested money, text message, love, and even manifested a baby! That’s amazing right!

These real stories keep me motivated and believing in the Law of Attraction. How about you?

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I wish you attract abundance in finger tip and become the successful person you want very soon!


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Law of Attraction Success Stories 1: Manifested A Friendship with A specific person

“What I find so impressive about this situation is that I was able to manifest this person after they ghosted me for 2 years. We had a close platonic relationship but there was something they were afraid to tell me (it wasn’t that they were in love with me lol) and found it easier to ghost me.

But through scripting, believing, feeling as if, and visualization they came back to me and explained everything and we are cool now and as close as before. Before I heard from them I woke up from a dream about them with an intense feeling that they’re here in my life right now! Something told me to log into my Snapchat so I did and saw a message from them for the first time in a while. It was a strong gut feeling I can’t explain.

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So I replied and we had a long conversation and everything is as it was before.

I think it took me so long to manifest them because I never manifested a specific person before this. So I was unsure if it would even work since people have free will. I’ve heard you can telepathically influence people and come into their thoughts by focusing on them.

But I found it in myself to believe and immerse myself into the idea and here it is in reality!”

Glad to see this friendship law of attraction success stories. It’s quite fresh for me! Anyone else has any success with manifesting a specific person?

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Law of Attraction Success Stories 2: How I Manifest Acceptance Letters/Scholarships

“I want to share a method I used to win two scholarships and the possibility to study one semester abroad in South Korea.

I Just wrote the acceptance letters myself (make it as realistic as possible and include the date and a specific amount for the scholarships) and saved them on my computer. Every now and then I would read them and feel the joy as if I was really accepted. Also, I really wasn’t attached to the outcome. I told myself “even if I don’t win the scholarship, the money will flow to me from a different source!”

Only two people at my university were chosen for one of the scholarships and the semester abroad and I certainly didn’t have perfect grades. Circumstances don’t matter!”

When someone can manifest such a big thing successfully, I can imagine how bright his future manifestation path will be! Awesome!

Law of Attraction Success Stories 3: Red Balloon but More Specific

“I am going through a rough time and trying to increase my vibration and live in the essence of my desires.

So I wanted to test the LOA and I did not even know about the red balloon manifestation! I live on the second floor overlooking people walking. I asked to see a person walking wearing a red jacket and even asked for a red/maroon. Every time I went near the window, I would look down and hope and expect to see it. I got frustrated that I did not. I tried to let go and tried to be grateful but somehow there was some resistance on if it would really work.

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A week later, after I finished a short positive and grateful session, I just looked out of the window. There I see two people walking hand in hand, one with a red/maroon jacket in the shade I had asked for and the other person with a bright red plain shirt! I couldn’t believe my eyes and my happy tears flowed! I then got to know about red balloon manifestation and I was happy shocked 😊

The LOA works and I am starting to get a hang of this. I think the main thing is to let go? Earlier, I was walking to the window every few minutes with hope and then disappointment would occur when I didn’t see it. Then I let it go, forgot about it, and then saw it. I am still having difficulty letting go of the things I am trying to manifest. But I am going to keep meditating and living in the essence of what/how my desires will make me feel.”

Red Balloon Manifestation is a sign your manifestation is coming close. Here you can find other 15 signs your manifestation is close.

8 REAL Law of Attraction Success Stories
8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories

Law of Attraction Success Stories 4: Fun Little Success Story To Give You Hope!

“About a month back I tried on these super cute shoes I saw at the mall. I was just so drawn to them and thought they fit my new style so well. Buttttttttt, they were over $100 so I decided to leave them and wait until they were on sale.

Flash forward, yesterday I saw online that they had gone down to $65. Still, I told myself that due to the holidays they’d probably still drop down in price. But I was upset I had to wait for a bit longer for them. Flash forward again, today I saw they were at $50!!! I was just about to buy them, but I just felt like it was unnecessary for me to buy them right now because if they had gone down this much, maybe they’d be even cheaper. At this point, I played it like a game and said if I really want them then they’d come to me somehow. So I claimed that as my thought and then went about my day.

Then a couple of hours later my aunt called me, told me she’s at the mall and not only are the shoes I want on sale, but she has a coupon that basically makes them free! I was so shocked at how fast what I wanted manifested like that. ❤️❤️❤️”

Fun and interesting way to attract desire into reality eh? This is one big step to manifest bigger thing in the future. I love it!

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Law of Attraction Success Stories 5: Little Thing That Keeps Me a Believer

“I was supposed to get a package today in the mail, but it was running a few hours late. I really wanted it to arrive before the time I had a Zoom meeting because I wanted to be able to open it and have what was inside early so I wouldn’t have to keep waiting for it the rest of the day.

So I decided to try and manifest it arriving within the next 10 minutes that I wanted it.

I looked out my window down the street and saw the mail truck coming with my package in my mind’s eye. Then I told myself, “I’m so glad it came in time!” Then I left the idea and took my dog outside to go to the bathroom.

No sooner than I was shutting the door to go back inside, about to go upstairs to my Zoom call, did I see the lights of the mail truck pulling into the driveway – about 3 minutes after I asked for it to come!

It’s these small manifestations that have really cemented to me the power of the Law of Attraction. Big things can be written off as miracles but a silly thing like my asking that my mail comes when I want it…those are the little things that keep me a believer.

Sometimes these small law of attraction success can make your entire day bright. Agree?

8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories
8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories

Law of Attraction Success Stories 6: Won 4 Scratch Cards In a Row

The other day I sat down with my journal and a pen, I wasn’t feeling particularly great, but I was determined to turn it around – and the only way I know how to do with solid effort was to practice gratitude so that I did.

Upon doing so, I later took the dog out for a walk and bought 2 scratch cards. I won. So I took them back today and swapped them for 2 more… I won again!

Now, I used to log all the scratch cards I got so that I could see what my chances were of winning (I’m weird like that) – but it was so arbitrary I stopped bothering. I think my highest losing streak was 30 cards in a row. And here I am with a winning streak of 4. I’ve never got a winning streak of 3 neverminds 4.

The difference is, I am grateful for everything I have now. No matter how little or big, I am grateful.

Thank you universe for the lessons you show me and thank you for the wealth you brought into my life. I am grateful for so much and I really do appreciate it. Much love!

Be grateful for whatever comes to you, and the Universe will show you the Law of Attraction is REAL! Thank you for becoming part of our Law of Attraction Success Stories!

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Law of Attraction Success Stories 7: Manifested… CHICKEN WINGS?!

“So yesterday at school we had chicken wings. I didn’t know we had wings because I got something different for school lunch but when I heard the kids in my class saying that we had wings, I was thinking like “damn I wish I had wings. I’m really craving some right now for lunch”

I didn’t even think of manifesting but I was just imagining my dad buying me wings and I was just daydreaming about wings from Publix. Then I forgot about the whole thing.


This law of attraction success story makes me hungry. Now I want to manifest some chicken wings too!

Law of Attraction Success Stories 8: Manifest Jackpot From Slot Machine

“I was down on my luck and had broken my arm on a night out drinking with friends. Due to my work (social care), I was unable to work with a broken arm. My company was being an ass and didn’t pay me sick pay so I had statutory sick pay of £80 per week.

My rent was due, credit card, food shopping needed doing, etc. I meditated for a whole day using the teachings from ‘The Secret’ to try and sort something out.

Within the day I had a text message from Coral, a U.K. betting company saying I had free £3 credit to use in store on a slot machine.

I go in store and use £2.80 up in 20p spins, my last 20p spin and BOOM! £600 jackpot hit! I couldn’t believe it, staff was blown away that I hit it on a 20p free spin. In their words “you’d have better luck winning the lottery than ever doing that again!”

One week later I did the same and won £400. LOA IS REAL AND I LOVE IT.”

Law of Attraction literally attracts whatever you want into your life. The next thing you can manifest is a house! 🙂

8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories
8 Inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories

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