Why Is Manifesting Not Working For You

Manifestation Tips: Why Is Manifesting Not Working For You Yet?

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In this article, I am going to share in-depth about why is manifesting not working for several people.

There are a few common reasons that caused manifesting is not working for you, figure out what are the steps that probably did wrongly, and what are the steps can be taken in order to succeed in manifesting anything you want.  

Why is manifesting not working for you

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Before stepping into the topic, I need to explain what exactly is a manifestation, and how does it actually work.

Many people having a misperception of manifesting, thinking that manifesting is similar to a ‘Wishing Well Fountain’ – you make a wish to the fountain, you toss a coin, stay back and do nothing, and your wish will eventually come true…


It’s never so easy!

Manifestation is about adjusting our energy vibration frequency aligns with the Universe, and attracts your inner desire to your reality.

The crucial step to a successful manifesting is staying positive and believing in the Universe that will give you what you asked for.

It is important for you to recognize that manifestation is similar to most other habits, they are challenging at the beginning and takes a little time to build up the fundamental of manifesting.

Ongoing practice will make manifest your second nature and attracts your goals come true

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What Are The Reasons Manifesting Not Working For You?

Here are the 5 most common reasons that stopping people from manifesting their true desire.

1. The Limiting Belief.

One of the most commonly seen reasons that pulling people back from manifesting anything they want is there’s a belief (whether conscious or subconscious) that they don’t deserve to get the things they desire, or they place self-limiting thoughts preventing them from succeeding.

You need to be confident in yourself and believe it in order to receive it. Believe in your capabilities to manifest anything you want into reality, and you’re worth to get it.

You need to believe it in order to receive it from the Universe. Believe in your capabilities to get what you want, and you’re worthy to get it.

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2. Focusing On The ‘Lack’

Chances are there when you search ‘why manifesting is not working for me’ on Google, you’re falling under this category..

It is common that people get trapped in the negative thought when they’re thinking about why their manifestation plans aren’t working as their expectations.

If you are focusing on the concept of ‘lack’, ultimately you will attract more ‘lack’ into your life. For example, focusing on “Manifestation is not working for me” most likely will attract this becoming the reality.

Right from this moment, eliminate off the seed of doubt about manifesting from your mind. Find a comfortable way to distract your attention from pessimism about manifestation and replace it with a genuine positive thought instead.

If that sounds strenuous for you, then at least restrain yourself from the judgment of whether it will work.

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3. Not Specific On What You Want

You have to ask yourself to be specific on what do you want to manifest. If you want to manifest money, thinking that “having a lot of money” just is not enough.

Write down all the physical things that the money would get you and include the things you want to do with the money, as many as you can think of. You should read the article if your goal is to manifest money.

Try to be specific as many details as possible. By doing so, you are sending the signals to the Universe on a clear picture of what you want, which helps to align your energy and vibration frequency with the Universe, and your dream will be granted by the Universe.

For example, if you want to manifest your soulmate, there are guidelines for a list of details you can ask yourself in the article. Check it out.

4. Not Taking Action

The other common reason of manifesting not working is that people are not taking any action.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, manifesting what you want is not just about making a wish and stop. Once your desire is sent into the Universe, the next step is to take action.

There are 2 types of action you should start.

Take Initiative Action – If you want to manifest love, you can consider going out join a gathering with friends. Love will rarely approach you if you stay at home without socializing with people. You must let people know you are ready to look for love.

Inspired Action – This is referring to an action that you suddenly have the urge to do. For example, if you passed by a lottery shop and got a strong feeling to buy, JUST DO IT. This is often a signal from the Universe that your desires are manifesting and all you need to do is take that action.

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5. Too Hasty For Result

The last reason of why manifest not working is probably because you’re too hasty for getting results.

The timeframe to successfully manifest your dream is depending on the individual and the goal. There is no specific timeframe within how many days or weeks to get what you want. Unless from the beginning you had preset a specific time to manifest something. If you want to manifest something overnight, you should click this article and learn about the techniques.

Be cautious to prevent yourself from falling into the trap that holding too tight for seeing immediate results. Holding tight on this meaning your subconscious showing a lack of trust in the Universe. Have trust and faith in your manifestation and that your dreams will appear when the time is right.

Final Thought

Once you aware of these common mistakes and remove them from your mind, you are a few steps closer to manifest your dreams. Always keep in mind that manifestation takes practices, strong belief, and commitment to make it happen.

I am sure your dreams will be manifested in really near future. Stay positive and keep going!

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